Las Vegas Terrorist “Stephen Paddock” Sent Girlfriend To the Philippines Just Before Attack

Girlfriend of the perpetrator of the Las Vegas terrorist attack, Marilou Danley has said she never suspected boyfriend, Stephen Paddock was going to engage in any terrorist attack.  She said she was afraid Paddock was going to break up with her when she sent her to the Philippines having lived together for sometime.

Danley, who arrived on Tuesday said the former accountant had sent her to the Philippines two weeks before the incident and later wired her money, believed to be in the region of $100,000 buy a house for her family and herself.

Paddock, who had booked a hotel room in the Airbnb area of the hotel in Las Vegas just before the ‘Life Is Beautiful’ Concert was up in the perpetration of his act of ignominy which left 59 people dead and over 500 injured. Danley claimed she never envisaged that could be his plan as she described him as kind and gentle.

The FBI have released a timeline of the terrorist attack, and they said the attack started at 10:00 p.m and Paddock stopped shooting, 10:15 p.m, while the various security agencies got there two minutes after he stopped shooting. The FBI are still amiss as to why he booked a room, loaded an arsenal of weapons and descended on a crowd of over 22,000 concert goers who were merely enjoying the flow of music before settling for an early grave.

The FBI have revealed there are no precursory links to the event as he had never had a criminal history but loved gambling and the casino but never showed any act of depression with reports saying he once worked at a US Post and was rich enough to have wired $100,000 to his girlfriend to buy a house in the Philippines.

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Danley’s sisters have revealed their dismay at the event too urging the FBI to be easy as their sister is ready to provide every necessary information that will help in getting to the “evasive” root of the matter.

Meanwhile, US President, Donald Trump while addressing Las Vegans described Paddock as a “sick and demented” man while also describing the US as a “mourning nation” at the moment after one of its most deadly and brutal terrorist attacks in the modern day.

Investigations are still ongoing as to the reasons behind the attack but nothing substantial has been gotten yet by the FBI as there are no thumbprints to pin down but Paddock’s communication history and financial records are being monitored as revealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


PhotoCredit: CNN

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