Nigeria At 57; A Sleeping Giant ! By Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

Fellow Citizens,

Once again, God has helped us to see another Independence in our beloved country, but as I do use to express myself – there’s nothing to celebrate about Nigeria. Personally, Nigeria is a sold nation. And along that line, the word “failed” nation wouldn’t be an understatement to qualify this country.

May I boldly say that we should shun the religious language of “let’s appreciate God for everything in this country” ! You and I know that we do use such words to celebrate our weaknesses and foolishness, and that we don’t actually mean we should appreciate God and that we don’t really mean the statement !

Though, there’s no doubt that Nigeria is the giant of Africa, but the truth is that this nation is sleeping deeply in all ramifications. Nigeria is actually a sleeping giant. This country is not active or alive in any wise. Nigeria at 57 is on a wonderful Mouka foam (sleeping even at work).

Nigeria is blessed in virtually all natural resources. Sincerely, there’s no part of this country that is not naturally endowed with cute resources including human resources. But what have we being able to bring out from those free gifts of nature?

The sleeping giant have nothing really meaningful to boast about expect past glories. Her educational system is shameful. Her health sector is probably the worst. Her power sector is very sick while her agriculture is nearing its funarel. Her economy is lost. Her governance is no more and her religious sector is deceptive and dubious ! What a nation oh my goodness !

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Nigeria gained her freedom in 1960 from the British government. By that, it means she could rule herself. But Nigeria has never really ruled herself since the freedom given at Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos. What has being happening is internal crisis, regional conflicts and sick governmental policies.

This country has been ruled virtually by all cadres. The rich, the elites, the military, academicians and so on, but they’ve all failed us. Though, some tried, but the failures overshadowed the successes. This country has always lack continuity and accountability ! Integrity is not ours in our land, we’re good at corrupt practices and they’re very obvious in our actions both within and outside.

Imagine, a minister of the 21st century saying gladly that by 2020 Nigeria will start producing pencils !

Imagine a President naming a tribe “terrorist group”, but covering his own brothers that are expert killers and monsters !

Imagine a President that lacks trust in the health sector of his country, but prefer a foreign treatment !

Imagine a government that have no regards for the Rule of Laws ! A nation that police oppositions and witch hunts analysts and harasses journalists !

Sincerely, a country that is not sleeping will not be acting in those ill manners. Just think about a nation that could reduced UTME pass mark from 180 to 120 ! A nation that buys wheel barrows for its youths ! A nation where the President has not performed convincingly since his two years in office, yet some are clamouring for his re-election !

How I wish Nigeria can rise from her sleep ! How I wish that this year’s anniversary will be for re-think and restructuring ! Many things are wrong in this country. Many things are not working. People are suffering despite the resources we have. This country lack proper planning and effective actualisation.

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Our 57th anniversary should not be to gather people to pray, rather, to think right and act right in all sectors. I hope we get it right soon.
I will conclude by writing this, we need right people in our affairs. Not the irrelevant age-being ruling us outdatedly ! Our success is in our ability to think well and bring into action.

God is always with us.
I’m looking forward to a better Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.
Happy Independence.

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