Pictures: Benin-Auchi Road In A Deplorable State, ALEDEH Calls For Immediate Government Intervention

The Benin-Auchi road is in a very deplorable state, as eye witness pictures have shown. The road which is a major route plied by vehicles who are moving to their various places of business and on public transportation in Edo State has gotten to a state that calls for an urgent government intervention.

According to eye witness pictures, the road has large potholes and is usually flooded when it rains especially at this time of the year when there is constant rainfall. Commercial vehicles have had to contend with the poor state of the road as it leaves their vehicle in a rickety condition and devoid of soundness. There are also large vehicles, usually reffered to as trailers plying the route with heavy goods.

Private vehicles have now turned their backs on the road as it’s muddy, flooded and slippery. There are huge capital losses experienced as the pictures show; vehicles are seen to have tumbled with goods worth a lot millions of naira.

The Benin-Auchi road stands as one of the busiest roads in Edo State as a lot of businesses depend on that road for transportation to their markets and as a distribution channel to various commercial outlets.

ALEDEH will like to reach out to the Edo State Government under the watchful eyes of Governor Godwin Obaseki to do something urgently to save the dying businesses and vehicles ruined as a result of the unwholesome situation of one of Edo State’s most important routes.

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