Sequel to “Unbreakable”, “Glass” Begins Shooting, Set To Hit Cinemas January 2019

British movie director,  M Night Shyamalan’s modern classic Unbreakable’s sequel has begun shooting, to the happiness of the film’s fans.

On Monday, the acclaimed director posted a photo from the set with his fans on Twitter, showing a clapperboard carrying the film’s title.

“Day 1: Seventeen years in the making #Glass,” he wrote.

The film has been Shyamalan’s most sought-after project since the release of Unbreakable in 2000. It mirrors the story of David Dunn, a seemingly common security guard who discovers he is nearly untouchable and indestructible.

The movie will be starring Bruce Willis in the lead role, and Samuel L Jackson as his unlikely foe, playing Mr. Glass.

The movie received rave reviews when it was released and it earned a sizeable reputation for being M Night’s best movie.

Shymalan, last year after nearly 13 years without a good review was praised for his multi-personality thriller Split, starring James McAvoy as a  man who suffered from psychosis and schizophrenia known as “The Beast.”

The film turned out to be a sequel to Unbreakable, ending with Bruce Willis’ Dunn sitting at a dinner watching the news of The Beast’s killing on TV.

In April,  Shyamalan explained the film was a trilogy which will conclude in January 2019 with the release of Glass.

This will see Willis, Jackson and McAvoy reprise their roles in what fans are hoping will be a much fitting conclusion to the story.

“Best of luck!!!! Fate is now in motion,” an excited fan wrote.

“Very excited about this! The wait was long, but it might as well have been necessary…,” wrote another.

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In July, the movie director announced American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson was also joining the cast, which is billed to feature Anya Taylor-Joy as The Beast’s only survivor.

Shyalaman wrote on his microbloghing site, Twitter, “Incredibly fortunate to round out our iconic cast of actors on #Glass… @MsSarahPaulson will be joining us. #powerhouse,” he wrote.

The movie, “Glass” will arrive UK cinemas in January 2019 and is set to be another blockbuster movie that will earn Shyamalan positive reviews again after his long stretch of a lack of real quality.

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