The Man, The Chalk and The Cane- By Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

Fellow Citizens,

Today, October 5th is dedicated to celebrate our teachers and as a born and a trained teacher, I thought it wise to release some apocalypses !

The Man as being used in my caption refers to Teachers, while the Chalk is the tool in which knowledge is being passed. The Cane is the correcting measure !

The Man has produced many stars all over the world. The Man can be found in all fields. He’s in the science, arts and humanities, skills and vocational centers !

In the Primary section the Man is called Teacher, and in the Tertiary unit, he is being called Lecturer !

The Man has really suffered in this world. He has produced Commissioners, yet, he has never really being commended ! He produced Ministers, yet, hardly has he been ministered to through wealth support ! The Man has produced Presidents, yet, never has he been really asked to preside over the educational system of the land without sentiments !

The Man teaches inside dilapidated buildings, under scorching suns. He seats on ugly furniture to pass knowledge. He’s hardly recognized or rewarded !

Imagine the Man that produces Governors, Ministers and so on, to be earning like an ant while working like an elephant ! Yet, a redundant local government counsellor earns much more while he does virtually nothing !

The Man, through his Cane has shaped many lives for better, he has helped make lives better.

Through his Chalk, he has taught millions of life’s avenues to wealth. He has written many principles of becoming great in life, and they work !


Oh, how I wish the Man will be more decorated and appreciated. How I wish the Man will not be deceived again that his rewards are in heaven ! How I wish that the life of the Man could be made much more better !

I appreciate some state governments for their efforts in making the Man’s life better. I plead with other states governments to do much more ! The Man deserves a better life ! The Man deserves respect and honor !

I wish our Federal Government will see to the Man’s needs.
I wish they re-beautify the ugly schools.
I wish they build new ones !
I wish they buy materials and equip our schools !
I wish our government can make good policies and wonderful welfare packages for the Man !
I wish our schools will not be shut down again in the name of strike action !

Lastly, as we celebrate our Teachers (The Man), I want to pray that the good Lord will bless the teachers. I want to appeal to both private and government to treat their teachers well.

God bless the Teachers !

Our Red and Blue pens won’t run out of ink !


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